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    DGC Milling Cutter



    DGC Face mill Cutter
    DGC is general purpose facemill that provides substantial cost savings to consumers. The 45° DGC cutter accepts double-sided square and octagon inserts that reduce user’s initial cost while increasing productivity in general purpose to rough milling.


    Insert Versatility
    Cost efficiency is highlighted with the DGC octagon inserts. The DGC significantly reduces the initial investment by having 16 cutting edges available at 3mm depths of cut. Square inserts offer 8 cutting edges at 6mm depths of cut while providing an elite surface finish. The patented ZX coating strengthens square and octagon DGC inserts to extend tool life while increasing wear resistance. When interrupted cutting, the ZX coating enhances the tool life and cost efficiency of the DGC to provide machinists with an ideal surface finish