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    MSX Milling Cutter



    MSX High Feed Mill
    MSX High Speed Milling Cutter achieves high feed rates of up to .055 IPT for significantly reduced cycle times. To ensure higher rigidity and accuracy, the MSX features a double clamping system. The MSX Milling cutter is ideal for ramping and helical applications using general steel, alloy steel, stainless steel and cast iron. The MSX is available in Weldon (EW) and Cylindrical (ELC) type shanks as well as recently available shell mill (R) style.


    Insert Availability
    MSX features two insert styles: general purpose and honed type (H). Recommended insert grades for steel include PVD-coated ACP200 and ACP300. For cast iron applications, PVD-coated ACK300 and CVD-coated ACK200 insert grades are recommended. The PVD-coated inserts provide excellent fracture resistance, while the CVD-coated insert offers excellent anti-adhesion and wear resistance. ACM200 and ACM300 are also available for machining of stainless steel.