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    WFX Milling Cutter

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    WFX Series
    The high-precision body of the WFX Series is optimal for shoulder milling, which includes a redesigned cutter containing a 90-degree lead angle. The inserts’ convex cutting edge provides an optimized toughness with an integrated wiper to deliver an excellent surface finish. The series includes coarse, fine and super fine pitch cutter bodies. The Coarse and Fine pitch are offered in the 2″ through 8″ diameter range, while the Super Fine pitch caters to the 2″ through 5″ diameters.

    Achieving Exceptional Squareness
    WFX Milling Cutter is a screw-down type cutter capable of using 4 cornered inserts.The high accuracy of the WFX is ideal for attaining exceptional part squareness. Available insert grades include ACP series for Steel, ACK series for cast iron, ACM series for Stainless Steel and DL1000 & H1 for non-ferrous materials.