Introducing the DFC & TSX Expanded Milling Lineup!

Introducing the DFC & TSX Expanded Milling Lineup!

Tangential Milling Cutter: TSX

In 2017, Sumitomo Electric Carbide Inc. introduced the TSX Milling Cutter Series for high efficiency and high precision cutting. This year, the TSX brochure has been updated to feature the cost effective 4 corner tangentially mounted insert, a new modular head series, and request forms that can be filled out and sent to a local Sumitomo Sales Representative or authorized distributor. The TSX Modular Head Series, when combided with the tangentially mounted insert, achieves excellnt edge sharpness and side wall accuracy with optimized chipbreaker and is available in two insert sizes offering a max depth of cut of 8mm (.315″) and 12mm (.473″). The modular head is suitable for milling with long overhangs when combined with carbide or steel arbors ranging from 120mm (4.72″) to 300mm (11.81″).

DFC Double-sided 90° Milling Cutter

The DFC Milling Cutter Series brochure has been revised to detail the new GS chipbreaker for improved chip control for shoulder milling. The GS chipbreaker has the capablability of improving the control of chip evacuation. The DFC is a high effeciency, 90° Milling Cutter available in a wide range of diameters from 2 inches to eight inches in standard, fine pitch, and extra-fine pitch styles. DFC also features high performance 6 corner double-sided inserts that is one of our most cost effective inserts per edge. The DFC Milling Cutter Series is ideal for applications including face milling, shoulder milling, slot milling, and side-face milling.

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