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    GND Grooving Series

    Recommended Application

    High Rigidity Body

    Utilizing die steel and a one-piece construction to achieve stable machining by suppressing chattering not only in grooving but in turning, profiling and facing operations.


    A variety of chipbreakers

    SEC-GND series has a lineup of 7 different chipbreakers for different machining applications.

    Cutting Performance

    Eliminated chattering

    High rigidity design reduces chattering up to 30% better than conventional tools.

    Work Material SCM415
    Holder GNDL R2525M-220
    Insert GCM N2002-GG (AC530U)
    vc=100m/min, f=0.10mm/rev, ap=20.0mm, Wet

    Ensures both high rigidity and good chip evacuation performance

    Work Material SCM415
    Holder GNDI R2532-T306
    Insert GCM N3002-GG (AC530U)
    vc=100m/min, f=0.05mm/rev, ap=3.0mm, Wet

    Items for GND Type Small Lathes Expanded


    The lineup includes grooving widths of 1.25, 1.5, 2.0, and 3.0mm.

    Reduces chattering and achieves high-efficiency machining

    Reduces vibration during grooving while inheriting the high holder rigidity of the GND series.

    Reduces chip control problems

    To improve chip control under various conditions, we have newly added the GF Type to our wide lineup of chipbreakers.


    Low Cutting Resistance Chipbreaker GF Type

    1. Reduces chattering during cutting.

    2. Ideal for machining using low-powered equipment such as small lathes.

    3. Reduces adhesion to tools and achieves long tool life in machining of stainless steel, etc.

    Achieves excellent chip control and reduced cutting resistance thanks to the sharp cutting edge design with a rake angle of 30° as well as the reduction of frictional resistance through chip control with point contact.