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  • Polygon Shank Holders & Boring Bars

    Polygon Shank Holders & Boring Bars

    Polygon Shank Style Toolholders & Boring Bars Features & Benefits

    • The Sumitomo polygon shank holders enable an extremely high
      stiffness connection between machine and tool.
    • The conical polygon can take high bending and torque moments
      based on the combination of the face contact to the spindle.
    • This self-guiding coupling system offers high precision and repeatability
    • While using this easy and quick coupling system it is possible
      to gain higher machine utilization time as the set-up and
      tool change times are reduced.
    • The compact design and the high stiffness connection to the
      spindle offer a versatile use on multi-task machines,
      machining centers and turning-milling centers.
    • Monoblock system
    • No additional interfaces
    • Precise positioning; self-guiding with high repeatability
    • High stiffness supported by face contact of holder
    • Carbide shims to prevent holders from damage
    • Simple tool holder change and low-maintenance operation
    • Internal coolant supply directly to the cutting edge
    • Polygon shank and insert seat hardened for long holder life