5 Key Advantages of Sumitomo’s Tool Regrinding Program

For a good long while, the lead time on our tool regrinding and recoating program was four weeks. But for 2020, we have cut that lead time in half, all the way down to 10 business days. This means our customers don’t need to float as many tools between the shop and reconditioning, and allows them to schedule ahead for future needs. The improvement in tool reconditioning lead times was made possible by a change in our process.

This turnaround time is a huge advantage, and it just so happens to be the first of five key benefits of the unbeatable reconditioning program at Sumitomo.

Before we get into the other four, a quick thank you is in order for Bill Fingleton, our Production Control and Quality Manager. His knowledge was instrumental as this article was developed.

Now then, let’s get to it. On top of the 10 business day lead time, here are the other key advantages of our tool reconditioning program.

US-based processing and service

All tool regrinding and recoating (including Absotech and DLC) is done in-house at our American facility in Wisconsin. If it’s a Sumitomo drill or replaceable tip drill, we regrind it and coat it per your specifications. We take pride in our craftsmanship and do not skimp on quality, no matter the volume.

tool regrinding

2-day Air shipping (special flat rate)

Big shoutout to UPS for their flat rate shipping. As long as your box is 10 pounds or less, it ships 2-day Air for a flat rate to Sumitomo and back to your location.

That top-tier Sumitomo quality

We’ve been in this game for a while, and we’re still going strong. Original manufacturing quality is applied to each reconditioned tool. You can expect a cost savings of around 30% when compared to new tools, and up to 90% performance compared to new tools. Oh, and by the way, we’re able to recondition our competitors’ tools as well.

tool regrinding

A Wise Investment

Of course, there is the potential for wallets to tighten up in 2020. If you’re planning to spend a bit less on new tools, the regrinding program at Sumitomo is a proven way to get nearly the same tool life at a significant cost reduction.

10 business day lead time, 2-day flat rate shipping, U.S. made, special coatings available and backed by legendary Sumitomo quality. If you want to learn more, you can email or visit