First Hole, Good Hole, No Scrap: Meet the SumiReamer SR Indexable Reamer Series

Reaming is one of the final operations in the machining process. By the time your part has gotten to that stage, your cost for that part has snowballed into a respectable figure, and more so if you’re in an production environment. In other words, scrap at that stage is simply unacceptable.

That’s the guarantee at the foundation of the SumiReamer SR series: first hole, good hole, no scrap. It’s what gives the SR such high performance, and it’s what makes it one of the very best indexable reamers on the market.

How the SR came to be

Prior to the creation of the SR series in 2015, Sumitomo Carbide had a wide line of small diameter solid carbide reamers. But we needed to fill a niche for the larger diameters, and the SR series was born.

In the years since it was introduced, the indexable reamer has branched into aerospace, power generation, automotive, heavy equipment, defense and appliances. It has diversified itself in a big way, and the reason lies in its performance.

A whole new indexable reamer concept

Opting for solid carbide indexable inserts rather than braised blades is a new idea in reaming. It allows the operator to physically change the insert directly at the machine, rather than sending it out for a regrind or recoat.

The SR runs four to ten times faster than traditional reamers. They’re so powerful that, quite often when they’re introduced to a shop, machinists slow them down and run them the way they ran their former reamers. But once the speed goes up, the cycle time savings are astounding.

Indexable reamer - SR-Reamer-1

Replaceable inserts are available for both through hole and stop hole boring applications, and various length insert holders and extensions are available to provide the right reach for your hole. They are all adjustable, so you can take all the runout out of the tool. That’s a major feature that drives the tool’s performance and tool life. You want the runout to be as close to zero as possible, and that’s what you get here.

A recent Midwest example

A shop in Nebraska that specializes in recreational vehicle parts reduced cycle times by almost 50% and increased tool live by 4x after switching to SR indexable reamers. The simple fact that the operator can change the insert at the machine, push the button and continue running is an absolute difference maker. Previously, that same operator might have scrapped 10 parts before he got the adjustment right.

Right now, the shop is producing about 800 drive yolk components per day. The SR series gives them about one full week on one insert. They had to change their old tool at least twice a day.

A no-brainer way to increase reaming efficiency

If you’re always on the lookout for time savings and return on investment, you would do well to look at the SR indexable reamer series. All you have to remember are those six compelling words: first part, good part, no scrap. Learn more about the tool here, or talk to us any time.