SMD Replaceable Tip Drills

SMD Replaceable Tip Drills

SMD Replaceable Tip Drills

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Features & Benefits:

• Available in metric and inch diameters ranging from 0.4688” – 1.6535” (42.0mm)
• Available in 3X, 5X, 8X & now 1.5X & 12X diameter hardened steel bodies that can accept multiple diameters
• 4 styles of drill tips to maximize performance:
SMDT-MTL – standard edge preparation for steel applications
SMDT-MEL – light edge preparation for super alloys, stainless steels, and cast irons
SMDT-MTL-C – chamfered edges to eliminate break out in cast iron
SMDT-MFS* – NEW 180 degree flat edge tip for 1.5XD drill
• SMD carbide tips have Sumitomo’s patented wear resistant DEXTM coatings
• Ground serrations on back of drill tip allow for precise assembly and superior repeat-ability
• Drill tips are capable of being reground
• Coolant through drill bodies

Easy Assembly

SMD assembly-DEX

1.) Confirm drill tip is compatible with drill body by checking
diameter range listed on shank.
2.) Place SMD replaceable carbide head on SMD drill body
so that the screw mounting holes line up.
3.) Insert assembly screws and tighten securely after screw
mounting holes are lined up.
Note: Mounting screws will only engage when the SMD
replaceable carbide head is in the correct position.


Application Examples:

Insert Lineup:

Cutting Conditions:

1. The recommended hole depth is 2 x drill diameter. The depth is measured from the highest point of the hole on drilling in inclined surfaces.
2. The recommended cutting conditions are those for drilling on flat horizontal surfaces.
3. Adjust the feed rate according to the inclination angle when drilling on an inclined surface.
4. Set the feed rate at 70% or lower when the inclination angle is 30° or less.
5. Set the feed rate at 50% or lower when the inclination angle is larger than 30°.
6. This product is a drilling tool. Do not use it for traversing or helical milling.